Army Of Me

Let me set the stage, there's a boy and a girl about the same age.

Who's to blame for this guessing game.

When even my worst traits are dressed up and never late.

All these funny feelings are spinning,

they're spinning around in my head.

I loved you before, maybe I'll love you again.

What if I start to grow restless.

What if I do fall away.

What if I just need to move on,

Would you cry, would your spirit up and die

I wish that love was simple, simple, like 2nd grade math.

I need an equation to bring back sensation.

What if I start. ..

Hey now, what you thinking.

It's ok to cry. It'll make you feel better to let it out from inside.

I could hold you tonight, and make you feel whole,

But it won't last forever, 'cause I can't save your soul.

Don't you worry, don't you fret.

Don't feel alone, as for right now, I have nowhere else to go.