Time Machine

Army Of Emus

if i could rewind my life to any day
id look at you for the first time once more
id be able to say what i was too afraid to say
and back to the future my love and i would soar
if that was the one day i could change
life would be different as pink and blue
our worlds would be completely rearranged
but i would change anything for loving you

if i could fastforward to any time at all
id zoom to the future when i haveyour love
our hearts would entwine and lock forever enthralled
our souls would join and fly to the clouds above
if i could flash ahead i would wait no longer
i would be ensured of our ever lasting devotion
the pain would decrease and our love would grow stronger
no longer would i be forced to conceal this emotion

as much as i want or wish or need
time cannot change or slow or speed
im stuck right now right here today
so ill do my best to find a way
in which to tell you how i feel
then possibly it could one day be real
ill make up for past chances missed
until my courage rises we'll seperately co-exist