Trash Talkin'

Ardhito Pramono

Ladies and gentlement, may I got your attention please?
Here′s the man from the city, he call themself "Trash Talking"
So, get yourself a cold beer
While you're enjoying our entertaiment, I would like to say thank you
To all of you out there who′s
Listening to this album, God bless this country
Trash Talking, take 4

Trash Talking
Trash Talking about this tragedy
They don't even give a single damn about your fantasies
Trash Talking
Just Talking about your family
'Cause you′ll never know how many times I slept in your bed

I′m sorry if your wife showed up
Late home last night
That's because she said "Baby give me one more time"

Just talking
Just talking about your fake degree Cause
You′ll never want to come and see me in reality!

But i don't want to be your best friend
′Cause what you're saying makes me insane′
So if you need me i won't be there until the end
Cause you're not my only friend
Because i don′t give a shit about you

Trash talking
Trash talking about his tragedy
Cause you′ll never know how many times i've slept in your bed
I put your kids to sleep
I′m drying your bedsheets
Althought it smells like a shit
She want it one more time
That's what she said