Drops Of Lucifer


Now that he's back in the atmosphere

The drop of Lucifer is severe, yeah yeah... yeah...

He acts like somehow his worldwide reign

Reminds him of his diamond days, yeah ...

Till the return of the Way and the Truth

He's livin' like a king and he talks like it too, yeah... yeah...

So tell me, are you sad you crossed the Son?

Did you fake it so the millions may believe

Your light's not faded and that Heaven is overrated?

And tell me, did you fall like a shooting star?

One day you'll be burning in fire

I'm glad you missed me while you were booking your hotel down there

Now Christ came back with our soul salvation

Saving the day to your consternation, yeah ...

I checked out Romans, found He loves my soul

Reminds me that He's assumed control, yeah ... yeah...

Now that He's back and the coast is clear

I'm afraid that we might think of you as

A plain old angel, you're scarier than that

Though I'm not afraid to die, still the devil's pretty bad

So tell me, did your sin sweep you off your seat?

Did you finally get the chance to glance at all the Bible says

What happened to you anyway?

And tell me, did Jesus blow your mind?

Did you ever think He wanted to die?

I read your history while I was lookin' 14:12 Isaiah...