Vanity Fair Blackout

Angry Amputees

You like a black and blue face

So you can look in good standing

Just a fucking disgrace

Your whole life is tragic

Wear a mask of staples

To keep your face from falling off

If you like broken noses, I'll gladly break yours for free

“Too much is not enough, I wanna be Cassiopeia!”

A modern day Sears Ms. Frankenstein

Slash and burn away the facial diarrhea

Your getting older but your look just fine

Just the paradise blues

You're a piece of dogshit!

Give your ass the boot

Suck it out, new and improved

Just a little bit more painful bodily traction

To heal the wounds of future shrine

Pulling off your very own Michael Jackson

It's like being alive in formaldehyde

Vanity Fair Blackout!

Now you're dead to the world

Let me bust a cap out

To put you out of your misery, Girl