Millenium Sun


An eagle breaks the silence and overflies the field
My eyes will try to follow till it vanishes away
Like candles in the darkness we fight against the wind
Devotion to your idols soon will overthrow the king

Out of order taming borders tearing down the fences
On and on and after all the century has gone
Racism jumble, turbulence my eyes believe
We have gone to the end
Ordinary Earth sailing throught the space
Population alienation losing all affection
Calling on to heaven's hope to watch for my protection
Out of luck potential stuck remote controlled
By the T.V. again
Carries human souls lead us the journey of our fate

So come millennium sun won't you show us the way
Future's begun
So words from my mouth come whispering for your return

Pictures a sunset on the lake mirrors of crystal your portrait
Walking on this field while I wait
Chorus ( repeat )
Show us the future's began
Burning the millennium sun