Evil And Angel


I don't wear lipstick everyday
Only kisses decorate my smile
I don't have long legs I'm not tall
But I was tall that I could reach the stars

I'm a no learner, think, take
I'm demanding but I give so much
I've broken hearts I've said goodbye
Now I finally found the love of my life

Well this is me
I'm who I am and I'm proud to be me
This is me
There's an evil and an angel in me
In me

I believe in just one God
But I know different ways to reach His light
I'm from a million miles from here
With a million dreams I breathe in me

I've lived to run, stand, not to crawl
I've lived to set my heart as cold as stone
I am honest with the truth
Sometimes lying is the best thing to do
Well I got to


Go ahead and dive
Deep enough in yourself
Deep enough to see
Go ahead and love
Deep enough yourself
For your kind love another
Go and say it loud

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