December Flower


December Flower

fears of darkness..

going no where..

feeling cold eyes..

desperate stare...

wish these thoughts..

could cease till mourning..

sleep to dream..

i was never there...

lost inside the sacred garden..

close my heart to ease the pain..

disappear no longer living..

only shadows still remain...

cast aside / thee unforgiven..

down a faithless..hopeless road..

searching for an end to sin..

angel whispers prayer through silence..

save your soul..awake tomorrow..

fill the hole..that love left sorrow..

empty tears and broken bottles..

same old path the dead man follows..

on and on and out of breath..

candle burns an hour glass..

waiting for the storm to pass..

never thought the rain would last..

sky and clouds move under fast..

wandering from the shinning sun..

still the days will carry on..

in endless fashion..

nights are gone..

december flower fades away..

the withered ghost of yesterday..

finally found a place to rest..

in fears of darkness..

darker death.....

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