My Land Beyond


My black, mourning moods

Caught in the thickened mist

Echoing, through these woods

Wherein I unveilded, endlessly wished

Silence surrounds my presence

An entity unknown

To my dying bloodline

Crowned by the lost, depth of the endless

Wandering... in this maze of mine

The land beyond, my land forlorn, in misery

A land reigned by fear, and disbelief

Dark and deep, this is the depth of treachery

Torn by the gods, in their times of grief

I know by the knowledge of not

For I am and for I am not

Here before you I stand

The supreme of the supremest,

I am the damned

A barren land neighed in hate

Where a man had lost his fate

This, the land of my dreams

Kept in slavery by all means

Lying in this other realm

Forbidden for mortals to see

Under her veil on the other side

There where this white bride sleeps

Lying in the valley deep and wide

I know this wisdom to me it speaks, at night...