[music: colin-tocquaine/guegan]

[lyrics: colin-tocquaine]

[bass: bruno collet]

terrifying cries invade the chamber

from the dungeon of torture hidden in the castle

i smell the burning flesh

i see the instruments of terror

i feel that only death will stop my pain

two guardians arrive and bring me out

then i knew that my last time had come

now i feel the blood taste in my mouth

fear of pain my heart accelerates

i feel the blood flowing in my veins

trying to escape, i engage in battle

but the guardians strike back

the forces leave me, the fight is lost

i woke up unchained to the wall of the chamber

flames from the torches light the table of blood

visions of dismembered corpses lie on the floor

painful death the hangman approach to


[solo alex]

unchained to the wall, no way to escape

tight chains tear my flesh, pain begins

i feel the instruments of torture

penetrate my body and grind my bones

blood's flowing my life escapes

the hangman took the axe and cut off my hand

blood's flowing my hand moves on the floor

flames from the torches burning my face burning my eyes

then i feel a knife under my skin

i feel the pain

i scream in vain

i'm gonna die