Get Up

Agnes Monica

Step Into The Club This Evening
Looking hot,got the fellas peepin
I can feel the beat in my veins
In style gonna get my drink on
The DJ just put my jam on
It time to step on the floor

I don't want nobody to doubt
That this groove is what its all about
Its your chance to show what you got
Everybody up on the dance floor
If you ain't come to party
You can hit the floor

Get up,throw your hand up
If you feeling my groove
Turn the beat up
Get up,get your groove on,
It ain't hard to do just sing along
Get up,don't be a hater
It's for the ladies and
the pimped out playa's
Get up,its party time

It's time to turn the heat up
Call my girl so we can meet up
It's gonna be an all nighter tonight
It's got to shake from
the windows to wall
Everbody get kruncked lets have a ball
There ain't no stopping us now

Hold my body tight,
Together we can dance all night
We're gonna close it down
Party on until break of dawn.