Into The Nowhere

Agent Steel

The god sighed and silence was born

A tortured life is spared of vision

And it's painful when it's worn

The cloak of shame spares no protection

His world is made of steel

In his hands he bent the fire

To mold a thing so real

A burning world born of desire


His hope was not enough

To fill an empty cup

He simply let it drain into the nowhere

There is no reckoning

There is no bargaining

In symbol rain will fall as he lays weeping

We stand below rinsed by the tears

Unlike rain they bring no healing

Rust corrodes the souls

Of children wrought to match his image

Abandoned with all of his cares

No choice but to wait for the kindness of time

To erase us one and all

To flow like a river with no beginning

Head in hands and weary eyes

The failures scratch and carve the lines

Into the face of one

The lines into the face of none

He sees the world

He sees his dreams

And nothing's ever as it seems

The promise was so real

Now all that's left is crumbled steel

No prayers are said in his name

Nobody knew that he ever existed

Alone he accepts all the blame

Plaintively wonders how dreams become twisted

And he waits for another to come

Another, a chance to revive from the nothing

The fabric to weave once again

To forge from the fire his vision of man