The Accident


It was August '87

And the butchers were working

In the bloody slaughterhouse

They killed so many animals

To satisfy your lusts

Some vegans want revenge

I think we know so

Well, what do you think of this?

The wife of the butcher

She suddenly pushed out

And this meant her death

'Coz she got impaled on a fleshhookk

The hook grinded her throat

And then it found its way

Thru her mouth, to the brains

Oh god, she bled to death

Well ya vegans

Are you satisfied now?

Not that we are against you

'Coz we are vegeterians

But some of you vegans

Think they are more than us

That attitude sucks

Why do you ignore people

Who chose to eat meat

That's their choice

Some of them do care about animals

Doesn't that count anymore?

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