Mighty Swords

Adorned Brood

The battle begins, Side by side

A battle of life and death.

The battle starts.

Mighty men with might swords

Kill their enemies.

Screams can be heard

All over the land,

carried by the wind.


Screams can be heard all over the land.

Screams, full of pain and despair.

This bloody battle takes a very long time,

but the enemies fought until the bitter end,

in this bloody inferno.


Raise your mighty swords and fight.

Raise your mighty swords and do as Wotan pleases.

Tyrael, the mighty warrior was exhausted.

"Dein Sohn braucht Dich." [Dagaz]

He longed for his father and his wife.

"Ich begehre Dich.

Verlass uns bitte nicht." [Dagaz]

- Raise your mighty swords and fight -

A battle to the blood, day by day.

A battle to the flesh, day by day.

Hit by an enemies sword through the heart,

- He lay dying on the bloody ground -

and saw his life full of pride passing by.

- carried by the wind -

The last being he thought of, as Dagaz,

then the virgins led him to his master.