City of Flowers

Adhitia Sofyan

Pack your bags we're leaving out of town
Wear that big black scarf wrapped around your pretty face
I'm not gonna stand here hopelessly while I see you cry

Leave those mess we'll jump in to the car
Roll the windows down get your senses back to you
And put out that cigarette that thing will kill you slowly

And yeah, it only takes two hours from here
Yeah, when we get there we'll write our brand new story

We're going to a place I know, where I was born
The city of flowers been waiting so long
Life too short you could've been shot
Remember this time, leave your troubles behind

All your life you've waited for a time when that someone
To get your feet back on the ground
I'll be that someone to help just like in that Beatles song

So here we go we're going to a place
At the rainbows end to put some colors back on you
Let me be the gold and I will put the shine on you

And yeah we only have two exits to go
Yeah when we get there the pages will start turning

And all the lies you heard before keep coming back to you
They linger on the places you've longing to forget
Well I won't lie, it won't be easy
Sometimes they're back knocking on your door
Now you tell them that you don't live here anymore