From My Sleep... To Someone Else



Sometimes Morpheus's waiting,

For my dreams to make me realize,

How alone I can feel, in my suffers,

How fragile I am.

Who's controlling myself,

My tears are falling,

I'll never be the same,

Open my window to real world,

And let me go...


And by the dawn I'll know,

If I'll rest in my sorrow.

To breathe to kiss, I'll need

To live my life forever.

I am you are me,

I am my own enemy,

I'm frightened by my will,

Can't you hear my appeal ?

[Verse II]

Today's a new season,

Do I have lost, all of my reason?

The blackened sky's awaits

The judgement of my lifeless fate.

My eyes slowly opening,

And I just feel like nothing has changed,

I 'll have to accept truth,

I am condemned to cry


And by the dawn I know,

I will rest in my sorrow,

To burn, to shout, I will

Not live this life forever,

I am you are me

I am my own enemy,

But for no long I'm sure,

By myself I will cure.