The Beautiful Downgrade

Acid Bath

Fingered slowly like the first time you came

The agents of oblivion descend upon the sane

Caked with mud and mother's blood

Playing death games in the rain

And we wonder how it feels to be free

I thought I heard them whisper mutiny

Living room rape scenes

We cut their throats while they slept

Dreaming and digesting shards of turtle shell

The television's blaring

And the ghost of Hitler speaks

Crowned with barbed-wire

I smear my warm semen on the walls of my oppression

I accuse God for the murder of eternity

My everything that is nothing

Christian propaganda and dog sperm


The beautiful downgrade

Do you remember the first sunrise?

Sharpened bone clenched tight in your fist

Screaming into the blue

An urge to kill the sky

I can smell the forest like pussy in heat

Barefoot I run through the chaos

The assassins of freedom tend the burning of truth

As we walk these prison walls

It's maddening, always touching something