Daily Dose

Aces Over Kings

Thoughts of guillotines to sever memories
Instead of having you I sing to heal my needs
You fed me love, it eats me inside out
Purging myself... so I can go without

Make me, Break me, Daily dose I take thee
Sickness is my remedy I don't need this

Stitch up my heart every waking day
Typical of scars they never seem to fade away
Scream out your name from oceans away
So many times, my throat is in decay

Thoughts of me surely faded
Apathy clearly stated
Heart beating so decrepit
My blood lukewarm and tepid
You were so overrated
I'd rather be sedated
Things got too complicated
Rushed when I should have waited

L.A. to Atlantic...I'm becoming frantic
New York to Pacific...this pain is so specific