What You Got


Hit the block around a quater to three checkin this girl asked her if she wouldnt mind whats her name and wat u doing 2nite a body like never seen so i hit her at her join in my 4x4 she said Choros Baby give me what ya got cos im everyting shes not luvin is all i bring see car keys boots and tings so honey leave ur girl at home bring ur car keys mobile lovin is all i got all da tings dat make u hot Got my women crazy on the phone sayin why aint ur ass at at home had to tell her i was stuck i had some brand new buisness i was all tied up told the girl i had to run had 2 b backstage at a quaterpast nine she tellin me 2 change my mind she like britney spears baby hit me 1 more time so i told her i cant be late girl takin up my time had 2 hit her with da line so i told her i cant wait to freak see u at the same time next week chorous 4x