The Love Of My Life


The love of my life

As days go by I think of you

I need you here with me

I feel you all around me as I

Stumble in the dark of my heart

As I try to grasp your heart in my hand

I fall away from you.


I want to be near you

I want you to care

And deep in my heart I need you there

I feel your arms around me

I feel your open heart

I wish you would come to me

Oh baby you are the love of my life

My hands tremble when you're near

My legs shake when you touch me

I feel weak when you smile,

I love you oh baby, my baby

Why can't you understand

The way I feel about you boy

My heart will never change

From the way I feel right now

I know sometimes I get mad over little useless things, but nothing will compare to the joy you bring me.

Those other guys will never touch, as long as there's you and me

But now as we join together, we become us.


My heart skips a beat when I think about you

I love it when you scream my name

The words that I speak are true and fair,

But they will never compare to the way I feel around you boy, and the meaning of my song.


I'm forever your servant, your guide, and your friend, and I will always be there even till the very end...

I will always be there until the very end… (Repeat as the song fades)