This Old Couch

Aaron Tippin

Well, sometimes I wish we'd bought the
That folds out into a bed
But it ain't too bad if you lay on your
And use the armrest for you head
Yeah, the springs are sprung and the
center sags
And the stuffing is sticking out
But it's times like these she ain't happy
with me
I thank God for this old couch

Yeah, right about now she's as P.O.'ed
As I've ever seen her be
And this pillow and blanket and a mighty
dirty look
Tells me where I'm gonna sleep
I learned a long time ago don't say
and soon she'll simmer down
And with a little bit of luck we'll kiss
and make up
Sitting right here on this old couch

Yeah, this old couch is a pretty safe
while she blows off a little steam
Well she's mad as hell but that's
She ain't getting rid of me
'Cause there ain't no quitting
Just fogiving and forgetting
That's what love's about
and we both know I'll never go no
Than this old couch

It might take five minutes, take five days
It really all depends
On how long it takes for the begging and
the pleading
To finally start soaking in
Yeah, one of these days I'm gonna learn
Not to stick my big foot in my big mouth
Yeah, and maybe then
I won't have to spend so much time along
Yeah, Right -

Yeah, this old couch,br> Yeah, one potato, two potato, three
potato, four potato
I'm a couch potato
"Hey honey, you still mad?"
I'm sorry...A Lot!"

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