I'll Take Love Over Money

Aaron Tippin

Have I got the deal for you
Would you like to have a T-bone Steak
and Lobster
Served on the finest china
Accompanied by a bottle of the world's
greatest Wine
Served in a crystal glass...alone
or, would you rather have a big mac
An order of fries, a cherry pie
Underneath a big oak tree
sitting on a blanket, snuggled up...
To the one you love

I'll take lover over money
Forget the green, give me honey
some people work, work, work their
lives away
But I'll take love over money any day

(SPOKEN) Okay, check this out
You're on the streets of Paris, standing
right underneath the eiffel tower
Surrounded by all the magical things
the city of romance has to offer
But...You're all alone
Or, would you rather be at the state fair
Standing in line for the Tilt-A-Whirl
Eating cotton candy (MMM That's Good)
Drinking a Dr. Pepper and stealing
A kiss...
From the One You Love


Okay, now think about this
There it sits, a low, flowing, red, slick,
Candy apple, rocking sled of a Ferrari
Price tag $205 and some change
But no one...and I mean absolutely no
Will ever be in the passenger seat
With You
Or, would you rather have a 1989 mud
gray 150 extended cab with four-wheel
And sitting right next to you as close
as the law will allow
Chewing bubble gum, singing in your ear
Along with Lynyrd Skynyrd...
Is the one you love


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