Are You That Somebody (remix)


featuring Danja Mowf, Mad Skillz, Lonnie B

[Danja Mowf]

Uhh, Danja Mowf

(WHAT? Y'all know)

North South (aight) South South

(I know what you thinking)

Danja Mowf

(Real MC's can rip over anything.. lesson A nigga)

East End, West End

See the flows that I come wit

Got y'all niggas talking dumb shit

About my crew, and the things I do

I'ma show you, another side of this game like Badu

Why do, you try to

test me, don't you know you'll die fool?

Told you that on Power 92, how many times I got to remind you

Last time, when I blast my fast rhyme I'ma leave your ass cryin

Better take your WIC to the check cash line

And buy something phat from VA and yes that's mine

D-A, N-J-A, M-O-W-F, or should I say WWF

The way I'm slamming all these emcees

brother please don't trouble yourself

With that RA-RA, you Ca-bore me like Zsa-Zsa

Make me laugh like ha, ha

I got soul like (Chiggananah Chiggannah)

Who's that crew, starting with the Su to the pa, then

F to the R to the I-E-N, D-Z, off the heeezey

That's it classic like Reebok, so dope that folk need detox

I don't care if the beat knocks

I could rip it with your momma on the beatbox

Taking us out is hard B

so if you feel you wanna battle when you see us in the party

You better ask somebody, (word) you really better ask somebody


Boy, I've been watching you like a hawk in the sky

that flies, and you were my prey (my prey)

Boy, I promise you if we keep bumpin heads

I know that one of these days (days)

We gon hook it up while we talk on the phone

But see, I don't know if that's good

I've been holding back this secret from you

I probably shouldn't tell it but

Chorus One: Aaliyah

If I, if I let you know

You can't tell nobody, I'm talkin bout nobody

Are you responsible?

Boy I gotta watch my back, cause I'm

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