Steppin' It Up

A Tribe Called Quest

featuring Busta Rhymes, Redman

[Q-Tip] Phiiiiiife Dawg

[Phife] Yo Kamal

[Q-Tip] Reggie Noble

[Redman] Up in ya!

[Q-Tip] Yo Busta Bus, yo it's time to step up

[Busta Rhymes]

You know I plas-ter, the little bas-tard

and mastered the real way you slap the bitchest niggaz backwards

Hah! Uh-oh, aiyyo, whenever Busta Rhymes say so (mmmhmm)

when we move yes (mmmhmm) sometimes we lay low (mmmhmm) aiyyo (yo)

Big up my little nigga Pedro

Make you after the L like turkey, cheese and to-ma-to (to)

Fuck is that? Especially for niggaz that will pay no

attention to instructions, like they still wan' disobey y'all

Wonderin how it's activate real quick?

But then I could grow about five feet more with an extra dick!

One dick to hold in my hand when I'm rockin the mic

The extra dick to blow up the pussy for the rest of the night

Then I return with more lyrics like a bunch of rough niggaz

They tough niggaz that snuff niggaz (hah)

I know the club got enough niggaz (huh!)

to slap your face, expert, who the next jerk, to make me

exert heat? FUKKIT, let me network!

[Redman] Ha-hah!

[Q-Tip] Yo Reggie Noble

[Redman] Feel me, yo Busta Bus

[Busta] What up?

[Q-Tip] Yo Phife Dawg, yo it's time to step up


Yo what the fuck, ungh!

Check it here, peep the four-man transaction (action)

Phife diggy Dawg, we on some Todd Shaw mackin (mackin)

You know my stee', there's no time for relaxin (relaxin)

Word to Reggie (Phife Dawg) yo it's _Time 4 Sum Aksion_

Girl swing yo' ass, I can feel you climaxin (climaxin)

Don't even front, you know you wanna make it happen (make it happen!)

Yo Busta Bus, do you hear Violator faxin? (mad faxin)

Eighty G's for one show (eighty G's yo) that's satisfaction (satisfaction)

Now which emcee feel like he fuckin with dis heah? (This here)

Word to Queens, I keep shit hot like a canish, yeah (Nish yeah!)

Malik is back, I