Oh no! Nigga back again! "Mercy!" It′s no mercy for you rap niggas

Hard body nigga that's a promiseHard beat and I′m bout to body niggas on it
They be beggin' for the real shit, they don't want it
See them niggas still scared, show me my opponent
Lockjawed women talkin′ bout they wanna slob it
Disregard they health just for a chance to lick this
New jutsu just to unclasp ya bra bitch
My mind so crisp, just bein′ honest
I find your shit populatin'
Trash bins
I be at the crib writin′ verses killin' adlibs
Curin′ bitches bad taste with this dark chocolate
Feelin' on my pringles can and they can get popped quick
But I keep all my chips in my pocket
See nowadays bruh, common sense just ain′t common
I think I'm Captain Planet but
Niggas summon me with the dopest beats
Then I appear outta thin air, lookin' fresher than some Listerine
Oh no what they said to me
This nigga A-T goin′ down in history
For clappin′ cheeks and bustin' skeet, as vulgar as a man can be
Finna eat
Steady munchin′ 'til theres nothin′ left
Killin' so called street fighters like a niggas name is Seth
Gotta channel Kevin Hart
Nigga say it wit ya chest
Man these people will acknowledge me, my nindo be the best
"Chocvillah, nigga
I gotta catch up wit our show
I′m on episode like 463, how much I got left to go?"
He's said "What the fuck you talkin bout? What show? Do I even wanna know?"
I'm like "Bro, it′s Naruto" and all that negro said was "Oh... NO"
Oh. No