Harmless Americans

A Suburban Blood Drive

A new wave of crime in America but the culprits will not be caught drop all the bombs and we'll bury the evidence we've got the capital ,we won't be answering questions (questions) they've got the secrets, I wanna hear them they've got the secrets but we want them right now I'm just a harmless, harmless American now yeah finding the letters, while writing the paragraphs to make the history of a nation and were the winners, so it's our duty to rewrite the information tiny centuries wrapped up gentling softly buried in the sand they've got our daughters, they've got our dollars and now they're on our land so hold your hands if you're in the water and you cannot be saved Thousands of souls, floating in the ocean holding on this moment and there's a girl out in the water who's oblivious to the conflict got her fingers in her nose, does she care about her clothes (fuck no) she's 18 and not afraid to die