The Colluseum Crash

A Split Second

"No more human sacrifice" she said

I'll just have a dry martini

Just let me put my underwear in your computer

And we'll have lots of software babies

Two minutes before she stopped her train of thoughts

She realised she was at the wrong station

She had another taxi for breakfast on

And started breathing out exhaust fumes

And drinking diesel oil

Zulu tribes roaring with exhilarated laughter at Victoria station

Civilisation is not my cup of tea

Even the dogs ain't free

Suburban gladiators in shoplifter's battle dress turning Brussels into a monument of excremental architecture


Herbert Von Karajan am steuerknuppel seines


├╝berall werden die Leistungen dieses Mannes als

Triumphe gefeiert

It takes a man wearing blue jeans

to eat a whole can of jellybeans