Which Burns More

A Second Chance

Why can't I win?

Just let yourself go,

In all of your glory.

I'll keep you with me,

In all of your beauty.

If I was the one to say goodbye,

I'd say it so slowly.

Just soft enough to make you cry

Yourself to sleep

Every night without me by your side.

Because you are nothing

Without me, you're nothing.

So, I'll go on repeating you these few words

Because if you want it that's how bad it hurts

To say which burns more

To stay or walk away

Because you were the one to say goodbye

You said it so slowly

Just soft enough to make me cry

Myself to sleep

Every night without you by my side

Because I'm nothing without you, I'm nothing.

And I'm searching

For the words to say to you.

Like I love you and I need you

Yet you won't get the clue

And your green eyes

Will turn these brown eyes blue

And I'm nothing

I'm nothing without you

Why can't I win