In The Shape Of Stars

A Jealousy Issue

tears overcome blistering rain

the truth of you arrives

and i wish i could let this die

like each wasted breath

but these things never mend

it must always end

with your head held up high

and star shaped slits

carved into each of my wrists

your hands are held against my face

craving faint reminders of every tear

that coalesces with the wintry night

i called you mine

and i can't let this die

throught the darkest night

one last heartfelt glance

will cross these constellations

and i can't let this die

i can't let this fade


deviate me frm these sacrificed seconds

spent dreaming of your eyes

pouring lies and letting my heart inhale

full breaths of you

like lungs deprived of your air

and i'm lucky i can still breathe

after what you did to me

i still have one last breath

i need to see those eyes

i still have one last breath

don't just end it all