A Canorous Quintet

Trust! The blind man leads the way

A burnt out candle in the hand

Chasing for eternity nevermore

Pleased witn being lost forever

The touch on your face, it's lost

Too weak, too afraid to find salvation

Liquid illusions all that is seen

Believe in easy dreams. You can have it all!

Thoughts becomes to real, the end is hear!

Sun moon nothing's left to see

Stars all surrounding us

As we enter into endless nignt

It burns inside, tear it apart

Leave it all, face grim reality

Shed a tear for the lost

Weakness lies in trust

And the foolish await the arrival

Castle of promises imprisoned

Don't believe the words!

[Repeat verse 3]

[*] red is the colour of our dreams

Our blood, our life, our nignt

When all ends up darkened

Red is the colour of our dreams

Our blood, our life. Our night

I'm bleeding to death, red

[Repeat verse 4]