The Last Suffer


This is the anger, the truth
The story of hate
This is the voices from the deadWho giving up with no fights

Can′t see the Father, the Son
The Spirit you've told
I′ve seen nothing
I cut off my fucking eyes

I split myself in two
As saint and sinner, too
I saw the light when you leaving
I feel the dark when you came in
A messenger
Someone we used to wait
Are we too blind to see it?

We're waiting for the answer
This world is more like a stranger to me
All the saints go to Heaven
But they bleed for temptation
I can see behind their eyes
Over and over again

A thorn of a sad has leading the way (leading the way)
Playing the victims inside our minds (inside our minds)
A beautiful lie
That we're passing by
Are we too blind to see it now?

We′re waiting for the answer, a savior
′Cause pieces by pieces we're all dead
Never, we′ll never awake
Sky fall in our imaginations
So why don't we run again?
So where do I run again?

(They count our faiths)
(They count our deaths)
(They leaving us all)
God leaving us all

I′m here to break all the cycles
Restores our faith back in place
I've got the devil on my hand
Who′s ready to stare the fight

And now the truth has been spoken
Believers won't kneel to the ground
Now I'm here, come see me, beat me
And tell me, Father, is God leaving us all?
God leaving us all

God leaving us all