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(Not to be confused with Mexican rock band, Zoé. If you're here because of them, fix your artist tags.)

There are, at least, five artists with this name (none to be confused with Mexican rock band, Zoé).

1) An alias of Zoë Pollock (b. in Peckham, London, UK - aka Zoë, Zoé, Hepzibah Broom & Pollack), is a pop / rock / folk singer who began her career in the mid-80s, dated Martin Glover (aka Youth from Killing Joke, who produced her early work), released three solo albums (two as Zoë, another as Hepzibah Broom) & several singles. She is now a member of Mama.

Her 1991 début, Scarlet Red And Blue (originally, released as Zoë's Scarlet Red And Blue), contained Sunshine On A Rainy Day & Lightning (aka Sunshine On A Rainy Day & Lightning, with 'Zoë' spelling), which have been her biggest hits, to date (peaking at #4 & #37, respectively - on the UK chart).

In 1996, Zoë re-emerged - still with M & G Records & bringing a revamped image / style / sound - releasing an americana-styled rock album, Hammer.

Re-emerging again, around 2008, she has released Hepzibah Broom (as Hephzibah Broom) & formed female folk duo 'Mama' (with singer Sarah McQuaid - their début release is Crow Coyote Buffalo).

2) A grunge band from Fürstenwalde, Germany.

3) A Japanese hardcore band like AMEBIX, ANTISECT. Dark & Apocalyptic Crust.

4) A French stoner rock band, from Calais - Dunkerque.
ZOE was born in the late 90's, in the North of France, between Calais and Dunkerque. Very soon, the rock musicians grind their set almost everywhere in the area, in front of public, a more and more enthusiastic one. They decide to attempt the first album; "Make It Burning" was born. A pure concentrated of stoner rock n roll with hard rock seventies influences, an improbable meeting between Motorhead and Queens Of The Stone Age. It is a success greeted by the specialist publications.

To defend this first album, Zoe 's guys left on the road, for a marathon tour crossing among others France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, sharing the stage with bands such as; The Bellrays, Ted Nugent, Lords Of Altamont, Fleshtones, Alice Cooper, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Datsuns, The Saints …

Three years later, ZOE raises the bar with its second album, "Dirty Little Sister". Olivier t’Servrancx of Electrik Box studio knew how to listen to the band and to retranscribe the live sound which ZOE delivers in every gig and which makes drunk us until the rock and roll trance. The drum is powerful and unbridled, the bass is round and feline when one needs and the very fat guitars spit their riffs as furious bitches. The multiple-facetted vocals tell the incredible road stories lived by the band during the tour.

"Dirty Little Sister" is a stoner album with compositions in heavy and hypnotic riffs as Let's Get This Show On The Road, Shot Me Down or Many Roots For One Tree. We find also titles with sleasy rock accents such as Keep Your Noses Clean or Wanker For Life wich can be listened to on the highway, foot on the floor, neighbouring with others in different grooves, as Fat City in a seventies way riff and rhythmic in the way of Wolfmother. Without forgetting Blue Devils which ends on a bluesy touch and as on the first album, always federative titles such as Keep On Fighting and On The Other Side Of The Tracks where the public can sing, while raising a beer.

About the artwork, this time, Zoe 's members have called for Cap'tain Nico, a dabbler illustrator and graphic designer who has hoisted paintings for exuberant iconographic adventures for more than 20 years. For this stopover, he throws the ink of a lively and sharpened line, and packs 12 powerful titles of "Dirty Little Sister" by creating a protean-dressed and fold out jacket, pushing away the limits of the CD format to let spread and expose itself a hybrid and (almost) mythological creature, a kind of fascinating “curvaceous octopus bad girl” whose threatening tentacles slam such as excited whips!

"Dirty Little Sister" (Brennus Music / Socadisc) pushes the nail, always energetic, sincere. Available since November 2009, you will know then how much so wise your small sister is finally ...

5) A female minimal DJ from Berlin. http://djZoe.net

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