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There are several groups under this moniker.

- One was an alias used by The Outside Agency. They chose this project name because of Eye-D's love for the Marvel Comics title of the same name. Only one record was ever released under this alias because the two decided to move on to different labels after a disagreement with Coolman Records.

- One is a tribute band for Stephen Oulman's Tot Lot Band after hearing SOTLB's first album defective in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA. They released a tribute album Defector.

- X-Factor is a 5 member Malaysian boyband and the first boyband formed by KRU Records. They debuted in 1999 after being trained for a year. The band disbanded in 2003.

They first debuted by collaborating with girlband ELITE with their single, Bertuah (Lucky), from the album Idola (idol). They released their self-titled debut album in April 2000, containing singles Sehangat Api (Hot Like Fire), 7231564, Sehingga Ke Akhir Hayatku (Till The End of My Life), Kau Tetap Nombor Satu (You're Still Number One), Tiada Sesempurnamu (No One Is As Perfect As You).

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