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w-inds. (ウィンズ ,winzu?) is a Japanese pop group. They are popular in Japan, and have performed in shows such as the annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦 ?), a Japanese TV program that invites only the top-selling artists of the year. To date, all their singles and studio albums have made it into the top 10 positions in the Oricon Charts, with the exception of their first single, "Forever Memories."
Beginning in November 2000, w-inds. gave street performances in Yoyogi Park and Shibuya. Just prior to their major label debut in March 2001, 8,000 people came out to see them perform near Shibuya Station. This was followed by their official debut on March 14 with their first single, Forever Memories. Their 1st album, w-inds.~1ST MESSAGE~, was released the same year and topped the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart on the first day of its release.[citation needed]


Name: Ryohei Chiba (千葉涼平 ,Chiba Ryouhei?)
Role: Rapper, background singer, dancer
Birth date: November 18, 1984
Birth place: Sapporo

Name: Keita Tachibana (橘慶太 ,Tachibana Keita?)
Role: Vocalist and dancer
Birth date: December 16, 1985
Birth Place: Fukuoka

Name: Ryuichi Ogata (緒方龍一 ,Ogata Ryūichi?)
Role: Rapper, background singer, dancer
Birth date: December 17, 1985
Birth place: Sapporo

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