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Ultrabeat (1) are an electronic music production group based in Liverpool, who primarily produce dance and house music and are most famous for their 2003 massive hit Pretty Green Eyes.

Their output is generally classed under the genre known as Commercial Dance. Their earlier efforts are recognised as commercial UK Vocal Trance productions. Ultrabeat release their work through the All Around The World record label. The group comprises Mike Di Scala and Chris Henry and Ian Redman.

It is notable that their recordings have been constantly supported by Scouse House and Radio City 96.7 DJ, Lee Butler, who helped launch them into stardom. He famously aired their cover version of I'm Not in Love within a few hours of its recording.

The band's debut album, called "Ultrabeat - The Album", was released on September 10, 2007 and includes all of their previously released singles. The Album reached #8 in the UK album chart. Their newest single is a collaboration with UK Hardcore producer/singer Darren Styles named "Discolights". It was released on the 23 June 2008 on the AATW label. - Loren-Geist. the new single due out soon in the uk is called starry eyed girl!

Ultrabeat (2) Erik Augustsson of ultrabeat.com and endlesssweden.com, also in the two solo projects E-Praise at ultrabeat.com/epraise and Deep Effect at deepeffect.com has put out Trip To A Planet Called Heaven in 1999, Beyond The Stars in 2000, Shine Through My Life in 2003 and has remixed various songs documented at discogs.com. Some remixes can be found in album details of Sheltershed releases.

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