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There are at least three artists with this name:

1) A female lead Filipino group.
2) A cooperation of two Dutch djs/producers.
3) A christian Russian alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington.
4) An electro-pop outfit from Grand Rapids, Michigan active in the early 90's.

1) On Female Lead Vocals is Teri Sambajon. She is recognizable as one of the vocalists of the now defunct vocal group FOJ (later called Vanna Vanna). Richard Poon is the Lead Male Vocalist and one of two guitarists in the band. The third member is Bam Santiago who is the second Guitarist. Bam sings back-up vocals and does lead vocals on a few songs that highlight his relaxed singing style. Very recently, they have added a fourth member in James De La Paz who plays percussion and/or drums. His playing has added a new dimension to the group's sound that has allowed the group to diversify into more styles of music.

U-Turn's songs is a mixture of Pop, R&B, Alternative and Standards. It is because of this diverse repertoire of songs that their music and performances have appealed to a cross-section of people from the young teens to the mature crowd.

U-Turn has released to-date 2 albums under Viva Records entitled "U-Turn" and "By Request". Their current single "Make It Real" is enjoying good airplay over radio and the accompanying video can now be seen on MYX and MTV.

2) U-Turn is a cooperation of two Dutch djs/producers; Don Schipper (Don Diablo) and Geert Huinink (also responsible for a lot of tracks released by DJ Tiesto).

3) U-turn released their "Exit to Life" album in 2008.

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