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1. Terrance Quaites is an American R&B singer, known professionally as TQ.
TQ was raised in the church (he sang in the choir) but his real education came from the streets, where the first wave of hip-hop music became the soundtrack to his life. "From Monday to Saturday I was hangin', partyin', chasing girls, getting in trouble, and straight-up acting the fool," he admits. "But on Sunday my mother dragged me out of bed to go to church. That's where I developed my singing voice and learned how to make people feel me."

2. Nadine Nguyen known as TQ, a veteran singer from Southern California who made her debut Italo Disco singing career in November 2012.
After singing in the Vietnamese community for more than a decade, TQ teamed up with Ian Nguyen (DJ BPM) and many European producers & songwriters to record her own materials with the 80’s New Wave/Italo Disco sound. Her first song & music video; LET’S GO TO TOKYO immediate got the attentions from many audiences who love the sounds of the 80’s. Follow the success of LET’S GO TO TOKYO, TQ released 12 more songs & music videos with special appearances of some 80’s icons including Lian Ross, Fancy, Ken Laszlo, Fred Ventura, Linda Jo Rizzo, Trans-X, John Sauli (ROFO). She also teamed up with a Swedish band, ITALOVE with project: RHYTHM OF LOVE. All of her music video were shot and directed by Ian Nguyen. Many of her songs have reached #1 in dance charts and popularity in countries such as Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Serbia etc…
Recently, she just signed the contract with ZYX Music, a major German record label specialized in Italo Disco/New Wave since the 80’s. TQ will be the first Vietnamese recording artist who will be with ZYX Music. Her first album, OUT OF THE SHADOWS will be released worldwide by the end of 2014, which contains 14 audio tracks and 12 music videos.

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