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There are three bands known as The Radiators. 1) The Radiators, also known as The New Orleans Radiators, are a rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana, who have combined the traditional musical styles of their native city with more mainstream rock and R&B influences to form a bouncy, funky variety of swamp-rock they call "fish head music". Although The Radiators' albums have had limited commercial success, as a party band from a party town, their enthusiastic live performances, danceable beats and relentless touring have earned the band a dedicated following and the admiration of many of their peers.

The Radiators have a repertoire which includes over three hundred original songs—many never released on album—and over one thousand covers—or partial covers used as part of a medley. They make a new set list for each and every show, so fans never know what they're going to hear at a Radiators concert. The Radiators allow their fans to record their live performances, and even provide access to their soundboard. With the band's approval, over 500 concert recordings have been made available for free (for non-commercial use) on the Internet Archive.

2) The Radiators are a rock band from Bega near Sydney, Australia, formed in 1978. Their best known songs include "Coming Home", "No Tragedy" and "Gimme Head" (covered in 2004 by Melbourne band, Your Wedding Night) and Summer Holiday

3) The Radiators, originally Radiators From Space. The Radiators From Space are an Irish punk rock band.

The band formed in 1976 in Dublin, consisting of Philip Chevron (who was later to perform with the Pogues), Pete Holidai, Steve Rapid, Jimmy Crashe and Mark Megaray. They signed to Chiswick Records in 1977 and released two albums, TV Tube Heart in 1977 and Ghostown in 1979, before disbanding in 1981.

The band reunited in 2004, with a slightly different lineup (Crashe and Megaray left the band and were replaced by Cait O'Riordan and Johnny Bonnie) and the shortened name The Radiators. Following a one-off concert, they formally reunited and signed to the 625 label, through whom they have released two new EPs: The Television Screen (2004) and The Summer Season (2005). A new bass player, Jesse Booth, joined the band in February 2006. On 21st of December 2006, they played in The Point Dublin as special guest for The Pogues. The band's fourth album, Sound City Beat, a collection of cover versions of songs by older Irish bands, was released in 2012.

Members of the band began performing as "The Trouble Pilgrims" after member Philip Chevron became ill with throat cancer and was unable to participate in live work. The band played, including with guest vocalist Gavin Friday and guitarist Brush Shiels, at a tribute concert for Chevron on August 24, 2013 at the Olympia Theatre (Dublin). Philip Chevron died October 8, 2013.


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