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Temperance is: 1) A Hardcore Band from Providence, USA; 2) A Canadian dance act; 3) A Death Metal from Växjö, Sweden, 4) Symphonic Heavy Metal band from Italy

1) Temperance from Providence, Rhode Island.
90's Hardcore with Emo in their music.
Never Forget... - 7" 1993
Searching For Silence - 1994
Temperance - st 1995

2) Temperance was created as a trio in Toronto. Lorraine Reid, the vocalist, was born in Toronto in 1977 and made her singing debut at a Parents' Night conference in grade school at the age of four. In addition to singing, she studied Linguistics and Psychology at York University in Toronto. She primarily enjoys listening to vocal jazz, rhythm and blues, and reggae.
Nick Fiorucci, likewise born in Toronto, began his career as a D.J. in the mid-80s and started his own record label in 1990. By the late '90s, he had become one of the most sought after mixers, producers and composers in the dance genre, collaborating with a wide range of musical artists.
Curtnail Anthony "Mystah" Munroe migrated to Canada with his family as he was 11. His talents as a dancer were nurtured in high school where he performed for numerous productions and competitions, eventually leading to work in music videos. His skill at writing and rapping put him in high demand as a contributing rapper and lyricist for other artists in and around Toronto. Signed to Attic Records' Hi Bias label, Temperance's sophomore release, If You Don't Know, appeared in early 1999

After a few EPs, Temperance released their first album Virtues Of Life in 1995 produced by Mark Ryan. They released several singles, among them the famous Foverer Young, a cover of Alphaville. They performed extensively not only throughout Canada, but across Europe, North America, Asia and parts of Africa, garnering multiple Juno nominations and Canadian video awards along the way for their innovative and entertaining dance music. Six of their singles were top 10 on the Canadian National Dance Chart
The second album came in 1999 under the label The Orchard. It was produced by Nick Fiorucci himself.
Lorraine went solo and got signed by the label Up From The Roots. She now sings soul and RnB.

4) Symphonic Heavy Metal band from Italy just released their debut album Temperancefeaturing clean soaring female vocals and male growls.

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