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There are several artists known as Taxi: 1 Gibraltar, 2 Portugal, 3 UK, 4 Romania, 5 Bulgaria, 6 Italy, 7 Switzerland, 8 Sweden, 9 Thailand, 10 Australia and 11 Czech Republic.

1. Taxi (Gibraltar) Born from the ashes of Gibraltar based Melon Diesel,Taxi was born in 2004 formed by Dylan Ferro(Vocals),Dani Fa (Guitars) and Danny Bugeja (Guitars). Having sold more than a quarter of a million copies in their musical career, Taxi are currently promoting their new album "MIRANDO ATRAS",a collection of their greatest hits including 2 new songs and a cover version of Gun..s "Better Days" due 9th September. Their album "Aqui y Ahora"got a Latin Grammy nomination. See

2. Taxi (Portugal) a Rock band, influenced by Ska and New Wave. Formed in 1979, their first hit was Chicklet"(1981), turning them into one of the most successful Portuguese rock bands in the first half of the eighties. They released 4 albums via PolyGram and made other contributions in the Portuguese music scene. They've been mostly inactive since 1998, but meet up occasionally for the odd gig.

3. TAXI (UK) Popular underground band - minimalist electro soul/house with vox. Originally signed to INFRACOM Records. From Norwich, UK. Formed in 2001. Paul Cullen, SImon Lovejoy, Jo Laundy, Alexa Longman. Find their back catalogue and new material here:

4. Taxi (Romania) are a Pop-Rock band. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rock and contemporary pop, occasionally introducing other influences such as hot Nashville-style guitar licks.

The band was founded March 13, 1999 in Bucharest. Dan Teodorescu, songwriter, lead vocalist and the band's leader, first recruited Adrian Bortun, with whom he had previously played in Altceva ("Something Else"). Bortun recruited his former band mate Andrei Bărbulescu from Sarmalele Reci ("The Cold Sarmale"; sarmale are meat rolls with cabbage); Dan recruited Georgică Pătrănoiu with whom he had also played before.

5. Taxi (Bulgaria) ?

6. Taxi (Italy) ??

7. Taxi (Switzerland) ???

8. Taxi (Sweden) ????

9. Taxi (Thailand) ?????

10. Taxi (Australia) funk band, a Malvern based UK Rock'n'Roll band

11. Taxi (Czech Republic) was a rock band, that existed in 1986-1991

12. Taxi (Greece) was a greek rock band in 1980 and its members were: Nikos Karvelas (lyrics, music & keyboards), Giannis Saroglou (Lead vocals, bass & guitar), Nikos Politis (Guitar & harmonica) and Richard Whitman (Drums).

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