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Shafa Tasya Kamila or familiar Tasya was born in Jakarta, 22 November 1992.She became popular after starring in the ad and issued an album titled Pepsodent Holiday Has Arrived.

Although busy shooting ads and soap operas, Tasya still took singing lessons at Bina Vokalia, and schools run by Elfa Secioria vocals. Opportunity to come into the recording in 2000. Wherever Holiday album is Arrival, which favor the song "Libur Tlah Tiba" A.T. Mahmud creation.
After the success of her first album sold 350 thousand copies, Tasya re-issued her second album, titled Happy Gathering (2001). In this album, Tasya still with A.T. Mahmud. And collaborate with Duta (Sheila on 7) in the creation Eross song titled "Jangan Takut Gelap".

Libur Telah Tiba (2000)
Gembira Berkumpul (2001)
Ketupat Lebaran (2002)
Istana Pizza (2003)
The Very Best of Tasya (2005)
Say No (2011)

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