Sinik, real name Thomas Idir, is a French rapper born 26th of June 1980, of a french mother from Ulis (Essonne)and an Algerian father from the Kabylia region.

In 1996, he formed the group Amalgame with three of his friends. The collective evolved and became the Ul'Team Atom. After several mixtapes he released his first EP, Malsain, on the 3.5.7. label in 2000. In 2001, he met Karim et Nabil with whom he established the label Six o Nine.

His meeting with Diam's was a decisive turning point in his career. The two rappers have toured frequently together and have a more than professional relationship, considering themselves "brother & sister".

January 1st 2005 saw the release of "La Main Sur le Coeur", his first album with Warner Bros, which became a double gold disc (more than 200,000 copies sold).

His second album, "Sang Froid", was released on April 3rd 2006. It is also a double gold CD.

Lirik lagu Bonhomme Bonhomme Sinik
Lirik lagu Sarkozik Sarkozik Sinik
Lirik lagu Autodestrucion Autodestrucion Sinik
Lirik lagu Cite des Anges Cite des Anges Sinik
Lirik lagu Dans le Vif Dans le Vif Sinik
Lirik lagu De marbre De marbre Sinik
Lirik lagu Demence Demence Sinik
Lirik lagu Descente aux Enfers Descente aux Enfers Sinik
Lirik lagu Faut Toujours un Drame Faut Toujours un Drame Sinik
Lirik lagu Mon Pire Ennemi Mon Pire Ennemi Sinik
Lirik lagu Mon Pire Ennemi [Remix] Mon Pire Ennemi [Remix] Sinik
Lirik lagu Monde Meilleur Monde Meilleur Sinik
Lirik lagu Mor de La Fin Mor de La Fin Sinik
Lirik lagu Ne Dis Jamais Ne Dis Jamais Sinik
Lirik lagu Precieuse Precieuse Sinik
Lirik lagu Rien N'A Change Rien N'A Change Sinik
Lirik lagu Si Prohe des Miens Si Prohe des Miens Sinik
Lirik lagu Zone Interdite Zone Interdite Sinik

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