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There are two artists with the name SDP:

1)A Rap/HipHop-group from Berlin/Germany. Vincent 'Beatzarre' Stein and Dag-Alexis 'Dagalexus Dux' Kopplin are "Stonedeafproduction"(sdp). Their lyrics are German and contain very much irony, the music is "not for the charts but for fun".


Albums / EPs:
~ 2002 Angriff aus Berlin (Promo Album)
~ 2003 Räuberpistolen (14. Juni 2004)
~ 2006 Nur Musik ist schöner (7. April 2006)
~ 2007 Anfang Anzufangen EP (Online EP) (13. Februar 2007)
~ 2008 Angriff des kleinen Mannes (25. Juli 2008)
~ 2010 Kontrastprogramm (10.12.2010)

Music videos:
~ 2002 Zappeln (Remix)
~ 2002 Kein Partyhit (Remix)
~ 2004 Antifriedensmusik
~ 2005 Antidemokratiemusik
~ 2006 ...hast du mal ein Problem
~ 2006 Antifußballmusik
~ 2006 So ist das Leben
~ 2006 Anfang Anzufangen
~ 2007 Antiknutmusik

~ 2001 Dickes S
~ 2003 Halloween in Westberlin
~ 2005 Wie konntest du das nur zerstören?
~ 2005 feat. Maliq und Weezy: How we do
~ 2006 feat. Ganesch: Berlin Citydancer
~ 2006 feat. Ganesch: Sommer in Berlin
~ 2006 Antifußballmusik

Visit their homepage ( ) for more information and free songs, videos and news.

2)Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー) is a three-member Japanese hip-hop group that debuted in 1990, consisting of two MCs (Bose and Ani) and one DJ (Shinco). In comparison to American gangsta rap, Scha Dara Parr lack the hardcore machismo attitude. When pushed to describe the rebelliousness of their music, the group commented that many of their songs are simply fragments of conversation without polite words. The group is best known for their 1994 hit single, Konya wa Boogie-back (今夜はブギー・バック, Konya wa Boogie-back?) featuring Kenji Ozawa (小沢 健二, Kenji Ozawa?), which attained sales of over 500,000 units. The song is based on samples from En Vogue’s 1992 single, Give It up, Turn It Loose.

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