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She was born on March 31st, 1975 in Semarang. Having her dad working at Pertamina, Sari was raised in five different cities in Indonesia, those of which are Semarang, Makassar, and the last one was Jakarta, where she finished her high school. Gifted with enormous singing talent, Sari had released four solo albums and many other records with various different artists. She's been a blessing to many lives. Her music, her songs have become anthem of worship in churches nationwide. Meet the awesome, Sari Simorangkir.
On the music, gospel, and worship

To Sari, music is like her best friend. Music is something inside of her, it is a part of her. It is her way of expressing herself. She believes that God has blessed her with singing talent that has to be treasured and developed well.

A major worshipper of pop, Sari was greatly influenced by Michael .W. Smith, Crystal Lewis, Yolanda Adams, Hillsong, and also secular singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lydia Imaniar, and Sting. Even though she adores RnB, soul, and blues, Sari realizes that pop suits her best.

Her fourth album was released on March entitled "31: 31". It took five months to record this album. "I'm so glad that we had a long time to prepare everything to produce this album. The preparation and the screening were very crucial. I took time to work on my best. It's paid off, the outcome was satisfying", said Sari commenting on her album.

On worship, Sari really thinks that it is a lifestyle. It is our relationship with God. Not just the outside, it's the matter of the inside too. "It sounds cliché, but it is true. Worship is not just about the singing. It is our everyday life that glorifies God". Whereas, gospel to her is something that could bring changes to people's life. It is an answer to our need. It is a good news that everyone needs to know.

Her vision and mission is to touch as many lives as possible through both her music and her life. That's why she takes singing seriously. It is not just a career, it is a way to her expressing herself and bless people as well.

According to Sari, her biggest challenge is how to make a pop Christian music doesn't sound ‘cheap'. Since she's getting older, she also has to maintain her voice and her physical fitness. All of the hectic schedule and the time that she has to spend to do it all are very tiring. But, she knows that she has to be excellent in what she does. And she does! Andm any positive feedbacks are received as she goes touring all over the country.

Right now, Sari is busy with her ministry and taking care of her family. She looks forward to release more albums with her own style of music, bringing more flavors to Indonesian Christian music. Last but not least, she really hopes that she could have her solo concert anytime soon. "I hope to see myself in the next five years as a more mature and stronger person, continuing what I've been doing to bless people".

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