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Sahara is a name that has been used by multiple artists.

Sahara (1): German progressive/symphonic rock band with two albums in the 70s, Sunrise (1973) and For All the Clowns (1975). They featured sax and flute in their arrangements. See also Subject Esq.. Elements of style in common with The Moody Blues, Barclay James Harvest, Van Der Graaf Generator.
Sahara developed out of Subject Esq. After some line-up changes in 1973, this Munich group was signed to Pan (an Ariola subsidiary) and changed their name to Sahara: Hennes Hering (keyboards, ex-Out Of Focus), Michael Hoffmann (moog, mellotron, vocals), Alex Pittwohn (harmonica, sax, vocals), Stefan Wissnet (bass, vocals), Harry Rosenkind (drums) and Nick Woodland (guitar, ex-Gift). The album Sunrise (1974) was recorded in the Autumn of 1973 at the Musicland Studios, Munich. This was an excellent example of complex German symphonic rock, clearly influenced by British bands such as King Crimson, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Curved Air, Jethro Tull and others. Sunrise was nonetheless of an international quality, combining haunting melody lines with complex arrangements. The Sunrise suite filled the whole of side two. The album was also granted a British release on the Dawn label.

Sahara were never a stable unit. At the time of recording of "For All The Clowns" two years later, only Hering, Hoffmann and Wissnet remained from the 1974 line-up. The new members were: Gunther Moll (guitar, vocals) and Holger Brandt (drums, ex-Missing Link). The resulting album was another great effort - more polished and melodic with long, memorable songs like "The Mountain King" and the title track. Sadly, the band wasn't able to cope with more line-up changes when Brandt and Moll decided to leave, and consequently disintegrated in 1977. Sahara's legacy is two really great albums recommended for all fans of symphonic rock.

Sahara (2): is a project between Bulgarian pop/folk singer Andrea (Андреа) and Romanian singer/producer Costi Ionita (Costi Ioniţă).

As a duo they have worked with Bob Sinclar on a single titled "I Wanna" which also features Shaggy with whom they worked on a single titled "Champagne". They also collaborated with Mario Winans on a single titled "Mine". Official: Website: / Facebook: Sahara Music

Sahara (3): Female fronted American progressive/melodic/hard rock band. They released 2 albums: Going Crazy (1992) & The Seventh House (1994). Band members were Lizz Vandall (vocals), Phil Woodward (Guitars), Diane Arens (Keyboards), Pat Kara (Bass) and Kevin Millar (drums).

Sahara (4): Romanian hard rock/pop-rock band with one demo album in 2002, SAHARA - CD Demo and various songs on MUSIC OF THE GLOBE No.1 and RAGEVOLUTIA Rock 2004 compilations. Homepage can be found here.

Sahara (5): Korean progressive metal band

Sahara (6): Irish Australian award winning singer/songwriter team Trish and Dave Long who met in their hometown Dublin in 1984 before migrating to Australia where they have toured extensively performing to sell out audiences. Before leaving Ireland, Dave and Trish had performed in many of Dublin’s renowned music venues. The first song they co-wrote ‘Vision of Glory’ received airplay on RTE radio which led on to a live performance of another original song ‘Running Out’ on the RTE ‘Davis at Large’ TV show. Somehow this landed Trish & Dave in an episode of the TV mini series ‘Inside’ acting as a couple of musicians! ( ( Their contemporary, eclectic songs brought swift success after arrival to Australia with a support to the Little River Band followed by a memorable win on ‘New Faces’. The release of Sahara’s debut CD ‘Vision’ brought Sahara global attention after their song ‘Make My Day’ shot to No.1 on the SoundClick first internet music charts. Staying at No.1 for four consecutive weeks resulted in Sahara being interviewed on the ABC TV evening news Australia wide withTrish and Dave being dubbed 'Cyber Stars!.Sahara composed an original soundtrack for an episode of the ABC Australian Story documentary series which received the United Nations Media Peace Award. Sahara has spent years on tour performing in theatres, art centres, festivals, hotels and clubs around Australia as well as major private functions. Sahara has also performed ‘live to air’ on the ABC radio network, commercial and community radio stations, as well as appearing on several TV shows. Sahara is:Trish Long: Vocals, Sax, Flute, Flageolet, Recorder & Synth Dave Long: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Synth
For more info please visit the official Sahara website or find us on facebook at

Sahara (7) is a Serbian rap duo from Sahara, it contains two rap artists : Gudroslav and Gringo.
Their first album 'Sahara' was released in 2013.

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