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Damien Saez is a French born singer songwriter. He leads the group 'Saez'. While he mostly sings in French, some songs contain English lyrics.

His songs are politically charged combination of acoustic and electric guitar and voice, dance and psychodaelic rock. He is mostly known for the song "Jeune et Con" which did exceptionally well in the french charts.

He has published numerous songs for free, including the song 'Fils de France' which was written and recorded in just 8 hours to protest against the lack of young people voting in the presidential elections, where a right wing candidate, Jean-Marie Le Pen, won a huge proportion of the popular vote.

Other notable facts about Damien Saez are his lack of TV appearances (appeared once at "Les Victoires de la Musique" but he didn't sing the song he was meant to sing, and critisized rudely television and the consumers society with the song "solution" mixed with "Jeune et Con" and "Thank You" (by Dido), he also has no official website, or news source. Various fan sites exist and follow him religiously.

His concerts are emotionally charged, with lots of audience participation. In true rocker style, he chain smokes on stage, and is often refered to as the continuation of French rock,a modern day Serge Gainsbourg.

He has published a book of poems entitled 'A Ton Nom', and has participated in many movements dedicated to the preservation of French music. Notably singing the song 'La priere' on the George Brassens tribute album.

He is acclaimed by many as a controversial artist, especially with titles such as 'God Blesse (America)' which can be taken in two meanings depending which language you say it in (God Bless America, or God Hurts America) He has also shown amazing compassion with a series of dedicated songs to the WTC attacks in 2001, with the song titled WTC, which is an emotionally charged classical piece.

His new triple album Varsovie, L'Alhambra and Paris is just out in France...

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