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(01) Q - A British Alternative Rock band from LONDON, UK Q, ( J Anthony Packett / Esme Packett ) - www.Qtheband.com
(02) Q - A four piece rock band from Springfield, USA
(03) Q - A synth-pop band later renamed to SSQ, US
(04) Q - An alternative rock quartet from Bratislava, Slovakia
(05) Q - The solo project of Quinnes Parker, one of the members of American R&B quartet 112
(06) Q - A German hip hop/experimental producer and artist
(07) Q - A Lithuanian hip hop artist
(08) Q - A Maltese pop group
(09) Q (Q-Unique) - A hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, USA. Uncle Howie(R.I.P.) rec.
(10) Q - A Techno Collaboration of Eddy De Clercq and Quazar (Gert Van Veen and Erik van Putten AKA Eric Cycle).
(11) Q - Finnish hard rock band
(12) Q - A Chilean progressive rock
(13) Q - A punk band from St. Louis, MO.
(14) Q - An industrial metal band from Milwaukee, WI consisting of Jason Simanek, Arman Bastani, Jon Taylor, and Michael O'Hara. Active in the early to mid 1990's. They released one CD titled "C:Dev", featuring a sheet of metal for a front cover.


(1) Q - www.Qtheband.com - are a 2 piece Alternative / Rock band from London. Formed in 2005 by as an acoustic act, they gigged on the London circuit building up a steady following. Drummer Samuel Hall joined the band and they started to gig in London as a full band. The sound that the band was now creating was atmospheric, melodic & epic.

They set about working on their debut EP "Angel" which was released in February 2007 and was well received by their fans and critics alike.

After gigging throughout 2007 and 2008, they settled back into the studio to record and release their second EP "Staring At The Sun".

Q then started working on their debut album. Working many 9-5 jobs to make ends meet Q
finally released their debut album BREATHE at the end of 2012.

You can download a FREE copy here:


For more info, video and music Visit: www.Qtheband.com


(2) "Q" is based out of the Springfield Massachusetts. The band was founded in the year 2000.

Their style is heavy but melodic. Programmed sequences are used to give the music a more full sound. Nothing is written without the ability to recreate it live. The main focus of Q is the writing and the live performance. Each member has a wide variety of influences industrial, heavy metal, techno, and more which contribute to the music of "Q".

The band has accomplished quite a bit since their inception. They have been featured on numerous compilation CDs throughout the country as well as being prominently featured on a DAVID BOWIE tribute record. The band has also written and recorded the theme music for the original music showcase "Evolving Artist". "Q" has shared the stage with other such JAGER MUSIC acts as Slayer, Mushroomhead, Dope, Killswitch Engage, God Forbid, and Shadows Fall.


(3) Q was a small synthpop band formed in 1982 by Jon St. James and Stacey Swain. Ross Wood was also a group member, and Jon Van Tongeren was involved as well. The group only had two releases: a 7" single of their song "Playback" on Cocteau Records, and a four-track EP released almost exclusively to college radio stations that has become known among fans as The Q EP. Only 1,000 copies were printed of the EP, and it's considered highly collectible.

Swain and St. James (along with Van Tongeren) formed SSQ shortly after the release of Q's EP, and they went on to release one album, Playback, as well as a couple of singles over the next two years.

The same lineup of musicians, with Swain and St. James still at the core, would eventually achieve commercial success under the name Stacey Q.


(4) Q was a four piece alternative rock band formed in 2001 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The band's last performance was in 2006 and there are no plans for the future so far.


(10) Q - A Techno Collaboration of Eddy De Clercq and Quazar (Gert Van Veen and Erik van Putten AKA Eric Cycle). They produced one song, "From Within", for R&S Records in 1990.


(11) Q - Finnish hard rock band formed in 2009 under the name of Valtakunta to play a cover gig at Puumala Rock -festival. After the festival band members wanted to continue playing together and started composing songs of their own. To give it a fresh start and to shake out of their roots, they soon changed their name to Q. They've just released their first demosingle: Kulkuri on Hitlantis http://www.hitlantis.com/q.
More info (in finnish) on their official facebook site http://www.facebook.com/q.official


(13) The only Q that currently matters, a bunch of scumbag highschoolers playing some today's best Contemporary punk. Go smash something and put yourself in the ER.

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