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Powerslaves is a band that brings rock and roll music and Blues.

The band is standing around April 1991 in the city of Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, began meeting Anwar Fatahillah (bass) with Heydie Ibrahim (vocals) who have a match in the concept of music. After recruiting other support personnel that is Kolem (guitar), Randy (guitar), Vidi (drums), and Mandy (keyboards), the band finally Powerslaves stood with solid strength.

The name "Powerslaves" is taken from the encyclopedia, which means "A group of soldiers who have the power to Moses from within." But, for them there is a special translation, namely the power to produce loud music but still harmonious. Strength Powerslaves music is rock music with harmony. So, no wonder many people who said at the time, Powerslaves is a translation of music from the world's top band, Guns N 'Roses and Led Zeppelin.

Powerslaves became famous in the Indonesian music industry after releasing her first album, entitled "Metal Kecil" in 1991 and produced the hit single "Impian". Until 2004, Powerslaves has produced 5 albums. However, until now Powerslaves name no longer heard the new album released in Indonesia's music industry, after the release of Andrew Franzzy (guitarist) who joined the Boomerang.

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