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Phixx were the band made of members who didn't make Popstars: The Rivals 'winners' One True Voice. The Members of Phixx were Chris Park, Mikey Green, Andrew Kinlochlan, Peter Smith and Nikk Mager. They in fact outlasted their supposed victors and released four Top 20 singles in the UK.

They released their first single 'Hold On Me' in October 2003 which charted at number 10 in the UK Charts. In March 2004 they followed it up with 'Love Revolution' which charted at number 13.

The third single released in June 2004 was a cover of Duran Duran's "Wild Boys". During the release week, one version of the single was disqualified from the chart for being a few seconds too long, so the single dropped from the midweek chart position of 9, to number 23, however, an appeal was made to The Official Chart Board and both versions were eventually counted, giving a final position of number 12, selling over 65,000 copies.

After 'Wild Boys' was released Peter Smith decided he no longer wanted to be a member of Phixx and returned home to Dublin. Where he continued to songwrite and have a 'quiet life'. He has since returned to London to work with new band 'Silversky'.

Autumn 2004 took the band to South Africa where they released their debut album "Electrophonic Revolution" which reached no 1 in the South African charts.

In January 2005, they released their fourth UK single "Strange Love", which entered the British charts at number 19.

In May 2005 Nikk Mager also left the band. They continued to perform around England and Ireland as a three piece, and spent six months in the recording studio, writing and recording new material.

In November 2005 Chris announced on behalf of the band that the remaining members of Phixx would be breaking up for good in 2006, in order to carry out their own solo projects.

2009 saw the formation of a new Chippendales group " Here come the boys" fronted by none other than Nikk Mager. The group are currently touring Europe performing to thousands of adoring fans!!

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