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OST is the name of several artists.

1) a Basque metal band
2) an experimental/math/atmospheric musician based in Ireland, OST - Original Soundtrack
3) a variation on Old School Tie
4) a variation on O.S.T.
5) a variation on Robbie Ost
6) a variation on Oswald Berthold
7) an alias of Petter Haavik

It may also be an incorrect artist tag for a soundtrack, if so do yourself and Last.fm a favour and fix your tags.

1) The history of this metal band from the Basque Country starts back on the summer of 1995, when they record their first sefl-titled 4 track demo. Their first CD, "Hitzak-Hotsak" –"Words-Noises"- (Gor, 1996), is acclaimed by the critics in the Basque Country. By that time they share the stage with bands from the Basque Country and Spain, such as KTULU, KOMA, SUTAGAR, PI L.T., or A.N.I.M.A.L.. In 1997 the band took part in the prestigious VILLA DE BILBAO rock contest, together with other 223 bands, performing with that year's winners, CHOCOCRISPIS, and obtaining the second place. They release their second CD-"Salbuespena"- "The exception" (Gor-1998), with the collaboration of people like Brigi Duque (KOMA), Aitor Abio (PILT), Batiz (Anje Duhalde, Fito y Fitipaldis), and Rafa Rueda. OST begins the making of. the third album at the end of 2000, but due to several problems (line-up changes, jobs, and personal issues), is not completely recorded until autumn of 2006, seeing the light on march 2007.

Web: http://www.ost-taldea.eu

2) ''Recorded in a lock up on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, an abandoned church, an artist studio in a disused space and my bedroom. It was mixed on a laptop held together by duct tape. It is also an ode to loads of, mainly 90's, indie movies that changed my life. It is is best served with a bottle of Portuguese Rosé... preferably Tesco Brand.

bass/synths/pianos/guitars/vocoder/vocals/mixed/recorded by Shane Harrington
live drums by Barry O'Hallaran
Additional production and mastering by Ciaran Culhane''


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